Sigma Beta Sorority began in 1923.  Over the years, women have joined Sigma Beta with the common goal to help others and have developed lasting friendships and bonds with one another.   Whether they have been a member for five years, fifteen years or even fifty years (or more), Sigma Betas are dedicated, hard working, generous and always looking for ways to help someone in need.  You are invited to read what our Sigma Betas have to say about being a part of a great organization.

  • “When I joined Sigma Beta 38 years ago I was a working mother and wife and I didn’t know anyone other than the woman who asked me to join. What a wonderful experience it has been. I am proud to be part of an organization that has contributed funds and services to so many worthwhile organizations and individuals.” – Deb; Fort Wayne, IN
  • “I have been in Sigma Beta for 35 years.  Knowing that we have given so much money out to many deserving organizations makes all the time raising money worth it.  The friendships that I have formed with all of my sisters is immeasurable!  If you are thinking of joining Sigma Beta, please give us a try, you will not regret it!” Wendy; Dayton, OH

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