Sigma Beta sisters are generous and hard working and their excellence is highlighted here.  The highest individual honor is the Sigma Beta of the Year crown and it is worn proudly.  Outstanding chapters are recognized with the Olive King Maurer Chapter Service Award.  Chapter Charity Award recognizes donor contributions to National Charities.  Other awards  showcased below represent excellence in Sigma Beta and inspiration to its members.



Dear Judges,

Our candidate’s favorite perfume is “Beautiful” by Este Lauder.   Everyone who knows her will agree it is a very fitting description of her inside and out.  Her ready smile whenever she enters a room has a sparkle of humor and a reminder of how she can draw people into her ever expanding circle of friends.  In no time she can make a newcomer feel welcome no matter what function they may be attending.  Her easy warmth is shared with everyone and her talent to put men or women at ease in any situation is genuine.  A bit of humor and a laugh cannot disguise her readiness for any available amount of fun.  Her demonstrated love of dancing would put a teenager to shame. Every December she becomes a Christmas elf, with her jingle bell hat on, she auctions White Elephant items in a way that makes it impossible to avoid bidding on a wrapped gift that there was no intention of buying.   Using her persuasive talents, she replenishes the Charity fund to a great degree.

When our choice for the honor of being nominated for the “2019 Sigma Beta of the Year” was announced, we were delighted. Most of us at the table were aware that she was responsible for having invited and schooled us in the joys and responsibilities of membership in her beloved chapter.  Her search for others to become a part of our sisterhood is always on her radar.  It was agreed by all that her ability to convince us, with gentle persuasion, to take an office or work on a project out of our comfort zone has allowed us to tap into reserves we never knew we had.  Her faith in our hidden talents is mind boggling.

Our nominee is constantly looking for situations or organizations where Sigma Beta can help with monetary or material donations.  She is aware of families suffering from the results of an illness or those in need and makes sure that assistance is rendered.  If it is a wheelchair ramp we can provide or donations for meals, she is the first to move that the needed funds are provided.  She was responsible for bringing to our and other chapter’s attention, one of our now “ongoing projects”.  With a tremendous amount of work the mission was accomplished but not before she had to convince the distraught administrator to calm down and “have faith” that Sigma Beta sisters would succeed in the project.  The lady was first to apologize for her concern and was in awe of our nominee’s unwavering faith in the success.  She encourages our sisters to be a part of the work on the continuing project.  Attendance at meetings this year have helped the work to move forward.  Sisters also aid in the additional events that have been developed by other organizations.

A working wife and mother, she met the happy and difficult times head-on.  Her strong faith, love of family and Sigma Beta is very apparent when she talks of each of these areas of her life.   At the present time she is her husband’s devoted caregiver which requires driving three days a week to dialysis treatments along with many weekly doctor appointments.  Her strong faith sustains her and her cheerful attitude gives her strength.  She feels blessed and treasurers the sisters she has met throughout the years while attending District meetings and Conventions.  She encourages everyone to attend these meetings and her goal is to have every sister attend a National Convention and be aware of the work that is accomplished by the National Board.  She has served on Boards at the Local, District and National level.   Throughout the years she has served in many of the offices and some, many times over. 

The word “faith” has been mentioned many times throughout this letter and of all of her many attributes, her strong and enduring faith in God is quietly apparent when you meet her.  Her ability to see and seek the goodness in others, draws you to her and her love of our Sigma Beta sisters is beautiful to experience.  Her by-word should be “Have Faith” both in yourself and what life presents.  The induction ceremony for pledges, which our nominee has administered many times, states in part, “I will do all in my power to advance Sigma Bets Sorority morally, socially and intellectually.”  In addition it states, “A good woman brings sunshine and pleasure to all around her.”  These treasured words fit our candidate with her many years of service and how she brings sunshine and pleasure to all those she meets.  A true and faithful representative of the oath she took when she was nineteen years old, our Chapter is honored to present our nominee for the 2019 Sigma Beta of the Year.

2019 Louise Bisogni of Psi Chapter


Beta Lambda Chapter Receives 2019 Charity Donation Award 



Beta Nu Chapter Receives 2019 Chapter Expansion Award

Nancy Clemmer, Rho Chapter, Receives 50 Year Certificate